The Mastermind Series presented by Vertican Technologies

What is The Mastermind Series?

The Mastermind Series (MMS) is a virtual high-level training series presented by Vertican’s Subject Matter Experts, including many of our visionary developers. The series was created to improve all of our clients’ ability to use our platform(s) effectively and efficiently.
The Mastermind Series consists of sessions running no more than one hour long on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. Eastern on Collection-Master, Q-Law and Q-LawE, and vMedia. Sessions are live and later posted on Vimeo to build a catalog of information for our clients. This information library will be available at no extra cost to our clients.

Who can be a Mastermind?

mastermind an educated Vertican Client

Anyone! The complexity of the sessions range from novice to expert level. As we continue to develop content, questions and feedback from attendees is encouraged.

Upcoming in the Mastermind Series

All sessions are free to attend and start at 2:00 pm (Eastern)

Date Software Subject Presenter Register Details
January 26, 2022 Collection-Master Collection-Master 2 Q-LawE Transition Roadmap Kurt Sund and John Currey Join Us More Info

Previous Sessions in the Mastermind Series

All sessions are free to view

Date Software Subject Presenter Recording Documents
January 19, 2022 Q-LawE Q-LawE – Accounts Receivable Reporting (new features) & 1099 Kurt Sund Video Presentation
January 12, 2022 vExchange YGC-2-vExchange Step-by-Step Guidance Nicholas Arcaro and
Diego Hernandez
Video Presentation
January 5, 2022 Collection-Master Payment Calculator Luis Gomez Video Presentation
December 8, 2021 Q-LawE Email Monitor – NEW! Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
November 10, 2021 Collection-Master Printing in Collection-Master Luis Gomez Video Presentation
November 3, 2021 Collection-Master Handling Regulation F in Collection-Master John Currey & Julia O’Day Video Presentation |
More Info
November 1, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Named User and Module Licensing Kurt Sund & Susan Greene Video Presentation
October 27, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Handling Regulation F in Q-Law and Q-LawE Kurt Sund & Julia O’Day Video Presentation
October 20, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Reports and Vendor Exports in Q-Law and Q-LawE Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
October 13, 2021 vExchange vExchange Dashboard Troubleshooting and Analytics Joe Cross Video Presentation
October 6, 2021 Collection-Master Setting Up Cost Disbursements Luis Gomez Video Presentation
September 29, 2021 Q-LawE Workflow Designer Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
September 22, 2021 Collection-Master DTP Preserve Feature John Currey Video Presentation
September 15, 2021 Q-LawE Process Server Integration Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
September 8, 2021 Collection-Master Creating Forms in WordPerfect (101) Luis Gomez Video Presentation |
Sample IF Statements (zip)
September 1, 2021 Q-LawE Garnishment Process Automation Special Preview! Kurt Sund Video Presentation
August 25, 2021 Collection-Master Remittance Reprint & Remittance Output Options John Currey Video Presentation
August 18, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Vendor Import/ Flat File Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
August 11, 2021 Collection-Master CMvX: All the Claims Luis Gomez Video Presentation
August 4, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE WorkNow Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
July 28, 2021 Collection-Master Easy Remittances and Easy Cost Bills John Currey Video Presentation
July 21, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Call Screen Kurt Sund Video Presentation
July 14, 2021 vExchange vExchange Dashboard 101 Joe Cross Video Presentation
July 7, 2021 Collection-Master Call Screen Luis Gomez Video Presentation
June 30, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Job Scheduler Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
June 23, 2021 Collection-Master Report Generator John Currey Video Presentation |
Additional Notes
June 16, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Attorney Meaningful Review (AMR) Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
June 9, 2021 Collection-Master SQL-Sync Luis Gomez Video Presentation
June 2, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Managing Court Hearings Kurt Sund Video Presentation
May 26, 2021 Collection-Master CM-EDI John Currey Video Presentation |
Excel Template
May 20, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE DDAS 201 Advanced Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
May 19, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE DDAS 101 Introduction Will Higginbotham Video Presentation
May 12, 2021 Collection-Master Handling Companionated Claims Luis Gomez Video Presentation
May 5, 2021 Q-Law/Q-LawE Media Request Automation System (MERAS) Kurt Sund Video
April 14, 2021 Collection-Master Multi-State Luis Gomez Video Presentation
March 17, 2021 Collection-Master Autopost Luis Gomez Video Presentation