The Mastermind Series presented by Vertican Technologies

High level virtual training series hosted by a Vertican SME.

June 16, 2021 @ 2 p.m. (EDT). Free to attend, RSVP required.

 Attorney Meaningful Review (AMR) in Q-LawE

Presented by:

Will Higginbotham
Will Higginbotham has 16 years of experience within the legal collections industry. In addition to his 10 years with Vertican, Will previously managed numerous departments at a collection firm and was also a private process server. With an extensive background in workflow automation, Will has been in the role of Business Systems Administrator for the last four years providing support and guidance to some of Q-LawE’s largest volume firms.
AMR is a module that allows attorneys to review data, status, and document(s) before filing suit. Using side by side comparison, attorneys can quickly view the status of accounts and the accuracy of document(s) being filed. AMR includes a checklist feature to quickly approve and review documentation with an automated follow-up process.
Covered in this session:
  • What is AMR’s value to your firm?
  • Redistribution and reassignment functionality
  • The AMR View – what AMR looks like
  • Using DDAS with AMR
  • Best practices for setup
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