CM-EDI Record 830 to import a WPScript for debt itemization

This text file contains CM-EDI Record Type 830 to import and create a WPScript for the debt itemization Infinity Codes as described the Mastermind presentation –  Handling Regulation F Functionalities in Collection-Master.

Here are the prerequisites to importing the attached file via CM-EDI in [4-2-1-1]:

  • Add XDEBTITM to Document Management [1-7]
    • Recommended Document Description : Debt Itemization
  • Activate the following Infinity Fields [1-S-9]
    • *ItmBal – Balance as of Itemization Date
    • *ItmCrts – Sum of all payments/credits
    • *ItmDate – Itemization date
    • *ItmDbts – Sum of all charges/debits
    • *ItmDtDs – Itemization date description
    • *ItmFees – Itemization Fees
    • *ItmInt – Itemization Interest

Here’s what the WPScript will look like after importing the attached file without modifications.

CM EDI Record 830 to import a WP Script for debt itemization.