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January 26, 2021 @ 2 p.m. (ET). Free to attend, RSVP required.

Collection-Master 2 Q-LawE Transition Roadmap

Presented by Kurt Sund and John Currey

Kurt SundA 30 year veteran of the collections industry, Kurt is well versed in the ins and outs of maintaining a successful collections oriented firm. Kurt began developing Q-Law in 2001, taking the knowledge he learned during his years in the collections industry and applying it to an all-in-one, Windows native software system. In 2003, Q-Soft, LLC was founded, and two years later Q-Law was mature enough to be taken to market. In the 10 years since the company’s inception, Q-Law and Q-LawE have become the driving force behind the collections processes in firms of all sizes across the country.
John CurreyJohn is a 30+ year veteran in the collection industry. He started with Commercial Legal Software, Inc., eventually serving as the Senior VP of Technical Services, a company driven to automate debt collection legal practices nationwide. John played an integral role in designing and engineering Collection-Master, the flagship application that revolutionized the way debt collection firms ran their practices. John’s in-depth knowledge of the legal collection processes and skill with software development and automation of workflows were huge assets when Vertican Technologies was formed in 2013. John is continuing in his lead role as Product Owner of Collection-Master for Vertican, which services the largest debt collection firms in the nation.
Kurt and John’s intimate knowledge of both products allow Vertican and our clients an inside track on the conversion. During this session they will cover how the transition time will be dramatically reduced with the Vertican solution as compared to the alternatives.
  • Existing WordPerfect Collection-Master document templates can be used as is in Q-LawE. There will be no need to recode the document templates as will be required with any other software conversion solution, were frequently, just one document can require three hours to convert.
  • Existing Collection-Master smart document scripts and formulas will also run in Q-LawE as is, allowing the firm to be immediately productive.
  • EDI conversion data will be accurately converted and available for reporting.
  • A Vertican Migration Team Specialist will be assigned to each firm.
Transition benefits:
  • Attorney Meaningful Review (AMR)
  • Significantly superior queue functionality with Intelligent Worknow
  • Greatly improved accounting and payment vendor capability
  • Email monitor
  • Process Server file and server integration, including invoicing
  • Job Scheduler and built-in Secure FTP to auto download and update to clients, vendors, and partners
  • Automated rule engine – DDAS
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