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August 24, 2022 @ 2 p.m. (ET). Free to attend, RSVP required.

The Multi-Threaded Job Scheduler in Q-LawE

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Kurt SundA 30 year veteran of the collections industry, Kurt Sund is well versed in the ins and outs of maintaining a successful collections-oriented firm. Kurt began developing Q-Law in 2001, taking the knowledge he learned during his years in the collections industry and applying it to an all-in-one, Windows native software system. In 2003, Q-Soft, LLC was founded, and two years later Q-Law was mature enough to be taken to market. In the 10 years since the company’s inception, Q-Law and Q-LawE have become the driving force behind the collections processes in firms of all sizes across the country.
The Job Scheduler in Q-LawE now supports running ten or more jobs simultaneously on a Q-LawE workstation set up with Job Scheduler. In this Mastermind session, Kurt will cover both the Job Scheduler in Q-LawE as well as the EDIAUTO Scheduler, an automation feature that can run in Job Scheduler.
Job Scheduler
  • Job Console monitors and displays the status of all currently running jobs. It includes the “who is online” tool and the status of each job.
  • Job error handling process.
  • Types of jobs that the Job Scheduler can run:
    • All vendor exports and imports
    • Most new claims imports
    • All FTP and SFTP connections
    • Any reports and query reports
    • Many custom programs and processes in Q-LawE
  • New claims import for youvegotclaims and many others (some DTP/EDI are not yet supported).
    • Set up daily, weekly, monthly schedules for:
      • Status and activity exports
      • Remittance (financials, payments, costs, and reversal exports)
      • Inventory reports
    • Define your own export output file naming convention and determine if the output text file should be in a zip file of the same name.

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