The Mastermind Series presented by Vertican Technologies

High level virtual training series hosted by Vertican SMEs

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 @ 2 p.m. (Eastern). Free to attend.

What’s New in vExchange and vExchange Analytics for Senders

We’re also hosting a session dedicated to the new features in vExchange and vExchange Analytics for Receivers! Check it out here.

Maryann Savulich has more than 10 years’ experience in project management and business and data analysis. A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, she joined Vertican in 2019 as a Business Analyst. Maryann eventually became the Service Group Leader for the Project Management team, working very closely with Vertican’s largest Sender client. Having become the subject matter expert in the vExchange data transformation process across all business adapters, Maryann was promoted to vExchange Product Owner in 2022. In this current role, she specializes in implementing ways to improve and enhance vExchange, while bridging the gap between technical and business teams, thus yielding tangible results for both.

Ben Cavallaro

With more than 15 years of experience in the collections industry, Ben Cavallaro, Esq. has worked for Vertican for the past eight years as a developer. Prior to that, he spent seven years working as an attorney and Q-Law user with Apothaker Scian, PC. In 2021, Ben became Product Owner of vPortal and vMedia, then transitioned to vExchange Analytics Product Owner in 2023. Ben graduated from The College New Jersey (TCNJ) School of Business in 2006, then from Rutgers Law School in 2009, and has been a registered attorney in New Jersey since. As an attorney, he focused on creditors rights’ litigation from initial account review through post-judgement motions practice and was responsible for filing and obtaining judgment in thousands of lawsuits in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ben also played a key role in the design and implementation of processes, procedures, and automation in Q-Law to support our collections practices for multiple clients.

There are plenty of exciting new Sender-targeted features in both vExchange and vExchange Analytics! In this Mastermind session, Maryann and Ben will cover:
  • Orphan/mismatched accounts and the importance of key matching
  • New Advanced Search 1001/2001 filter for Senders
  • New Key Events Report
  • New Judgments Report
  • Remediation Status in Rejection Reports
  • vX code filtering and Debtor State filter in Advanced Search
  • Account Details important data points
  • Placement Balance logic update
  • File Rejections
  • Record-Level Rejections
  • Gate Rejections
Reviewing files processed into vExchange
  • How to confirm if your file processed into vExchange
  • Checking the Rejections folder
  • Reviewing in Analytics

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